Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.    Inconsiderationof the under-listed promises made herein by the applicant, the company herebypromises and agrees that it shall provide jobs to Applicants who have dullyobtained and processed forms as well as subscribed to the under-listed termsand conditions.


Pursuant to the services of afore-mentioned, I, agreeto the under-listed terms and conditions and hereby promises as follows:


(a)  That I shall make a non-refundable fee for theunder-listed items:


Subscription is N500for non-professionals, and N1,000 for professionals


Verification is N2,500for non-professionals, and N4,000 for professionals


Stationeries is N1,000 for non-professionals,and N1,000 for professionals


(b) That I mustprovide all my credentials

(c)       That I must provide a written applicationletter for the job

(d) That Ishall provide two passport photographs with white background

(e) That Ishall provide a guarantor with two passport photographs as well as his witness’spassports.

(f)   That Ishall always appear employable (dress smartly and neatly) at all times.

(g) That I am100% mentally well/healthy

(h) That I amnot an Ex-convict.

(i)    Iunderstand that, regardless of how long it takes for (BETHZOR) my jobProvider/Human Resource Manager to provide a job for me. I undertake to waitand act in good faith at all times.

(j)    I shall notdeface/alter the content of the application and guarantor’s form. Oneregistration is for one person

(k) Iunderstand that the sharing formula shall be 50% of my first salary in full noton pro rata basis for the company (BETHZOR) and 50% for me, also that myemployer may choose to remit my first month salary to (BETHZOR).

(l)    Iunderstand that in the event that I am disengaged by my employer because of mynegligence of duty or resignation, I shall have no further records to BETHZORexcept for a fresh transaction of which my new employer is also required toremit 50% of my first salary to BETHZOR. Dereliction of duty, BETHZOR shall notbe accountable.

(m)         That I shall resort to Arbitration first and foremostbefore litigation.

This terms and conditions shall bebinding upon the parties involved, their successor-in-title andrepresentatives.

By clicking on the “agree” checkboxduring account registration on our website or platforms, you hereby agree toour terms and conditions.


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